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The Single or Dual Channel Receiver (boiler controller) has stopped communicating

The boiler controller (also known as the Single Channel Receiver or Dual Channel Receiver) may stop communicating with the Heat Genius Hub. These issues are due to the fact that the Genius Hub cannot send messages to the Single/Dual Channel Receiver either directly or via the Genius Smart Plugs in the property. 

Check the following to determine the cause of the issue:

  • Is the Receiver powered on?
    The Receiver is often wired into the same electrical circuit as the boiler, however, this may not always have been the case. Check that power is available, by looking at the lights on the front of the receiver.
    A Single Channel Receiver will have a solid red or a solid green light.

    A Dual Channel Receiver will have a solid amber light.

     If there are no lights at all, then power must be restored to the Receiver. You can check the fused spur that feeds the boiler.


  • Has a Genius Smart Plug been moved or switched off?
    If the Receiver is far enough away from the Hub, Genius Smart Plugs are required to bridge communications between the two. Therefore the Genius Smart Plugs must remain plugged in and in the original location that they were installed. The Red light on the front of the smart plug does not need to be lit for it to boost the signal, it just needs to be turned on at the socket.

  • Is the Genius Hub plugged in next to any high power wireless transmitting devices?
    The Z-Wave protocol that the Genius Hub uses to communicate with the rest of the devices in the property is 'low-power' so that the batteries in each device can last a minimum of two years. This means that it can struggle to compete if the Genius Hub is placed next to or underneath a high power transmitting device like a powerful WiFi router, satellite receiver, cordless phone, mobile phone signal booster or WiFi music systems like Sonos etc. The Genius Hub is provided with a 1-meter ethernet cable which should be long enough to get it away from any powerful transmitter. If this is not possible try to move the Genus Hub to another part of the room with a longer ethernet cable or move the Genius Hub into another room with a powerline ethernet adapter.

  • Has the Genius Hub moved?
    If the Genius Hub has moved position then a communications route that has previously been established may no longer be valid. Move the Hub back to where it was, add additional Genius Smart Plugs to the system or move the Hub close to the boiler controller.

  • Have any large (or metal) objects been moved or added to the home?
    Large metallic objects such as desks, computers, fridges, freezers, TV's, speakers etc. can block a signal path that was previously established. Relocate Smart Plugs, or add additional Smart Plugs to the system.

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