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Using other Z-Wave equipment on the Genius Hub system

General advice

As the Genius Hub systems uses Z-Wave to communicate between devices, many customers think about adding non-Genius Hub kit to their system. However the Genius Hub is not an open Z-Wave controller, such as some Home Automation systems and so does not readily accept just any device being added to it.

We only recommend and support products purchased from the Genius Hub website. Some customer have tried adding other devices to the system and this has largely ended in failure.

How do they work on the app

If a non-Genius Hub Z-Wave device is added to the system, it will be listed on the Devices Page. However rather than a friendly name such as 'Smart Plug', the device will have a 'hash' which looks something like 0x1234567890. This cannot be changed as the names are programmed into the Genius Hub for each device.

The device will also have a number of channels and functions for it to work correctly. As a heating controller, the Genius Hub only supports a sub-set of these, and so any functions beyond the basic are unlikely to work, or work effectively. The devices also cannot be configured, as these parameters (such as how often a battery-powered device wakes up, or what scale to report measurements in) have to be programmed on a per device basis.

Smart Plugs

In theory, any Z-Wave EU compatible power socket can be used to boost the signal around a property. However, only the Smart Plugs that we sell can be controlled from the app when it comes to turning them on and off.

Radiator Valves

It is possible to add Danfoss Living Connect 13 radiator valves to the Genius Hub system. We do not recommend nor support these devices but they are compatible with the Genius Hub system. We have an agreement with Danfoss to manufacture our Genius Radiator Valves, which contain a custom firmware on the devices. The main advantage for most customers is that the Genius Radiator Valve reports the room temperature back to the app. In rooms with just Danfoss Living Connect 13s, a separate temperature sensor is recommended (such as a Genius Room Sensor) so we have an accurate measured temperature.

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