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Differences between the Genius Radiator Valves


The Genius Radiator Valve is a replacement for a manual Thermostatic Radiator Valve (TRV) head. This device both measures the temperature in the room and controls the flow of water through a radiator to control the heating in the room.

These fit onto any M30 x 1.5mm or Danfoss RA fitting, which covers over 95% of the UK market. To see if your existing TRVs are compatible, see the checker on the Support Page. As they are battery powered, they are very easy to fit normally require no plumbing.

Versions of the Genius Radiator Valve




Power Supply2 x AA Batteries2 x AA Batteries2 x AA Batteries
CommunicationDirectly with Genius HubDirectly with Genius HubRequires Communications Adaptor
Communications ProtocolZ-WaveZ-WaveZigbee
Temperature ReportingNot sent to Genius HubSent to Genius HubSent to Genius Hub
Manual OverridePress the Up or Down buttons to the side of the screenPress the Up or Down buttons to the side of the screenRotate the top of the device above the screen

Should the Wireless Radiator Valve report the measured temperature?

This depends on the Wireless Radiator Valve that you have installed in the system.

Danfoss Radiator Valve (DA-WRV-B)


For the 'Danfoss Valve,' it is the correct behaviour that the valve does not report the local temperature next to the radiator back to the app. In most cases, this is not a problem and we recommend the use of Genius Room Sensors or Genius Room Thermostats in these rooms if there is a large difference in temperature between different areas of the house. Genius Room Sensors and Genius Thermostats provide better performance as they measure the temperature in the room at a sensible location on the wall. If it is preferred not to add Genius Room Sensors to the system then we recommend that the main Genius Room Thermostat (which is always provided with a system) is put into the coolest room of the house or the coolest of the rooms which do not have a Genius Room Sensor. The Genius Room Thermostat is then assigned to the 'My House' on the app so it can provide a reference measured temperature for all of the Danfoss Valves.

Genius Radiator Valve



The 'Genius Radiator Valve' does report the local temperature back to the app, however, if the room also has a Genius Room Sensor or Genius Room Thermostat, then we only display the temperature from the Room Sensor or Room Thermostat on the app and not the measured temperature from the valve. This is because radiator valves are often under windows, behind curtains or large pieces of furniture, low down in the room possibly with a cold draft over them. This is not the best place to measure the temperature of a room and it may be wrong by up to 4ÂșC when the room is not being heated. Because of this, we recommend the use of Genius Room Sensors or Genius Room Thermostats in rooms with the 'Genius Radiator Valve' if you want to always see the most accurate temperature on the app for a room when it is not being heated.

Once a room has started to be heated the convection currents from the radiator stir up the air in the room, and therefore the air temperature measured next to the valve becomes more representative of the air temperature in the room. The valve also takes into account that it is next to a hot source by measuring the temperature of the hot water too when calculating the room temperature.

Further Information

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