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How secure is the system?

The Genius Hub is on your home network and is protected by the firewalls set up on your broadband Internet router. 

You register the Hub with a username and password - please ensure that you choose a strong password, and do not give the password out. Genius Hub staff will never ask you for your password.

When you are on your Home network, your device (phone / tablet / desktop PC) can communicate with your Hub directly. No traffic passes over the Internet, or outside of your local network.

When you access the system remotely, by default a HTTPS connection is made to the Genius Hub servers.

If you are using a web browser, you can ensure that the connection is secure by checking that you can see the 'green padlock' in the address bar:

All data that passes between your Genius Hub and the Genius Hub servers is sent over an encrypted TLSv1.2 (which is the latest industry standard cryptographic protocol) channel, which means that the information sent can only be understood by the server and the Genius Hub, and also guarantees that the Genius Hub is communicating with a real Genius Hub server.

The whole system is also audited by external 3rd party security experts, in what is known as 'penetration testing', in order for us to be confident that the overall system is secure.

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