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App changes not saving and app flicking back to what it was set on before


An example of this is when you change the mode of a room from timer to footprint, or off to timer etc, or, after you switch off the heating via 'Whole House', the rooms turn back on again.


The Genius Hub possibly did not register you turning the heating off on the whole house page or changing the mode. Some times (and normally when there is only a poor internet connection), the message from the app does not get through to the Genius Hub, despite the app looking like the setting change has be made.

The reason for this is that we have made the app more responsive, so that it looks like it made the change, as this makes the app easier to use. However sometimes if the message does not get through to the hub, then the app will revert back to what it was set to before after a few seconds. This is why sometimes you see the app flick from one setting and then back again.

To ensure that a change has taken, wait for the screen to update based on the new action (e.g. the set temperature to change or the heating indicator to change on the tile)

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