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Battery level hasn't updated since the batteries were changed


The batteries in a battery-powered device were dead or low, and so were changed at least 24 hours ago.

Since then, the battery warning on the app remains and the Devices Page is showing the device as still having flat batteries.


The battery-powered device has not updated the new battery level and has missed the daily update for it to do this. To manually get the updated battery level:

  1. Open the main menu in the app, and select 'Settings'
  2. Choose 'Devices'
  3. Find the device in the list which is not reporting the correct battery level
  4. Click on the device submenu () and choose 'Configure'
  5. Confirm that you want to proceed by pressing 'Configure'
  6. Now wake up the device.
    1. Genius Radiator Valve: single press on one of the up/down buttons. This will light up the screen
    2. Genius Room Sensor: walk up to the device and wave you hand in front of it a couple times
    3. Wireless Room Thermostat: press in the dial, the screen will light up
    4. Genius Room Thermostat: single press on one of the up/down buttons. This will light up the screen
  7. The device should now get the message and report back the new battery level within 1 hour
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