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Controlling the system with no internet

Can you control the system when the internet is down?


You can always control the heating from the My House Thermostat which comes as standard with the system, to override the system as a whole, or from any Genius Radiator Valve or Genius Room Thermostat to control that individual room.

From within the house, if you have a device running the Genius Hub iOS or Android app that is connected to your local Wi-Fi, you will always be able to control the heating with that.

It is not possible to do this on the web app is on a computer you are looking at web pages (the web app) that are hosted on our website, so this must have an in internet connection to work.

If you have disabled Manual Override

If you have disabled Manual Override on the app, those devices cannot be controlled by pressing the buttons as listed above. In this scenario:

Power down the Genius Hub

  • The older Hub-B (with a red circle on the top): disconnect the power cable
  • The newer Hub-C (small grey circle and separate grey 'G' logo): disconnect the power cable, remove the Hub from the backplate by sliding the Hub up (away from the cables) and press the small white button.

Control the boiler by manually controlling the boiler controller

Control the Radiator Valves by pressing the up/down buttons, for more information, see Manually Overriding devices

More information

All of the data and intelligence of the Heat Genius system is stored on the Hub. We have chosen this over a cloud based system as this means that your system is safer from event such as loss of home internet connection. This means that if one of these events were to occur, the heating would continue to run as normal and allow for access to the system using the local Wi-Fi network. 

The only features that would be lost in the event of not having internet connection; are remote support for the system from Genius Hub, the weather forecasting on the app and the automatic pre-heat feature (which warms the room up early so it is warm for the starting of the heating period, based on the external weather). The manual pre-heat feature would work as before.

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