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Logon to the Genius Hub using the local IP address

How to use the local IP address on Android & iOS 

On a mobile device or tablet running the Android or iOS app, you can log into your Genius Hub locally without the requirement for the internet.

  • Ensure that your mobile device is on the same network as the Genius Hub
  • Log out of the app to display the 'Login' page
  • Double tap on the word Login to display the connection options
  • Ensure that the 'HubManual' connection is enabled
  • Put in the manual IP for the Genius Hub in the format: 'http://a.b.c.d:1223/' (where a.b.c.d corresponds to the IP address of the hub on the local network)
    • This can be found by logging onto your Router and looking for the connected devices
  • Click 'Log in'

By the nature of your computer having to connect to the internet to see the web app and then using this to display the information provided by a local connection to your Genius Hub, this is not secure. We use a secure SSL tunnel from the app to our server and from our server to your Hub, and this is the most secure way to transmit the data from your device to your hub, and it is not possible for us to currently maintain this level of security across a local network connection. 

Using the web-app

It is not possible to do this on the web app is on a computer you are looking at web pages (the web app) that are hosted on our website, so this must have an in internet connection to work.

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