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What to do with the Genius Radiator Valve when carrying out maintenance, plumbing or decorating

Why to not just leave them as they are

From time to time, you may need to carry out work on or around a radiator with a Genius Radiator Valve attached. Given that these are precision electronic devices, we recommend that whenever there is a chance of damaging any of the system devices, you temporarily remove the device until the work is completed. 

What to do if moving a radiator or painting

The Genius Radiator Valves are not designed to be used to fully shut off the flow of water, for disconnecting a radiator without draining it. 

The recommended method in these cases is to use a "painter's cap" which are normally supplied with the valve body. This is usually a small grey plastic cap which screws tight onto the valve body, shutting off the flow of water and protecting the pin and mechanism of the valve in case paint or similar is dropped on it.

For help on removing the Genius Radiator Valve from the radiator, see this link.

How to open the flow of water without removing the Genius Radiator Valve

If you are flushing your system, or similar you may want to open all of the Genius Radiator Valves to ensure that the water can flow freely, but may not want the boiler controller to switch on.

In this case we recommend putting the Genius Radiator Valves into Mount Mode, and taking out one of the batteries. This will fully retract the plunger, and keep it retracted until the battery is replaced. 

Step by step guide:

  1. Press & hold the middle button until 'M' appears on the screen
  2. Press the middle button once more to enter Mount Mode. The 'M' will begin to flash
  3. Remove the battery cover and take a battery out

Once you have completed your work, replace the battery and the plunger will retract and the Genius Radiator Valve will start to communicate with the Genius Hub once more.

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