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The Beta app has expired

What is the Beta app?

The Beta app is a test version of the app for selected customers to test before it gets released to everyone else. In change for early access to new features, the Beta testers accept that not everything may work. It is this feedback which helps us finish tidying the app prior to release.

Why does it expire?

Each Beta app is valid for up to 90 days on the app stores. Well within this time frame we will either release a new Beta app (which testers get notified of) with new bug fixes, or have released the app to the wider customer base. 

What do I do?

Swap from using the Beta app to the customer release of the app from the iTunes store or Google Play. until the next Beta app is released. We recommend keeping both versions of the app available on your device, in case something is broken in the Beta app. Thanks for the valuable part you play in being a beta tester.

How do I become a Beta tester?

If you would like to be a part of the beta test program then you will have access to the beta forum where customers discuss the latest features that we are releasing and have access to the latest beta apps. This is our testing forum though so you have to be aware that the software may have bugs in it, as this is part of the purpose of the testing as well as getting feedback on what people like about the new features.

If you would like to sign up to the beta test program please email the addresses that you have registered to Google Play and apple AppStore to and we can invite you to the groups.

We generally recommend that you have the system for a few months first so that you are completely happy with the system before you start running the beta software on your Hub.

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