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Using other heating controls with Genius Hub

Using other heating controls

We do not advise using any other heating controls alongside the Genius Hub system. Having several systems controlling the same boiler can lead to confusing behaviour or incompatibilities.

Additional controls which are not compatible

Honeywell SmartFit Controls

Unfortunately these zone valves (for wet central heating systems) aren’t compatible with other external heating controls, such as Genius Hub. In order to install Genius Hub, our engineer will have to drain your system and remove the SmartFit controls first, including the plumbed valves. This is not included in the ‘pro-installation’ price, but our installers will be happy to give you a quote for this additional work. 

Vaillant VR 61 or VR 65 Control Centre

Unfortunately this isn’t compatible with Genius Hub, but a heating engineer can remove it and install Genius Hub instead along with a standard 230v boiler wiring centre.

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