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Uses of the Genius Room Thermostat

The Genius Starter Kit (no zoning)


The Genius Starter Kit is provided with a Genius Room Thermostat, sometimes known as the 'house thermostat'. It also comes with a Single Channel Receiver and a Genius Hub. A heating schedule can be created on the app and the Genius Room Thermostat will be used to determine if the property is cool enough to bring on the heating.

The Single Channel Receiver will ensure that the boiler runs only when you set a target temperature on the app that is warmer than the temperature that is being measured by the Genius Room Thermostat. This means that hot water only circulates through the pipes in the property and heats the radiators when you set the property to be warm on the app. If you have manual Thermostatic Radiator Valves these will control the room temperature as they would do normally.

Zoning - controlling individual radiators

With a Genius system, on top of the 'Starter Kit' mentioned above, a number of heating 'zones' can be created, which one or more Genius Radiator Valves can be assigned. Now you can set varying temperatures throughout the day for each room that you put a Genius Radiator Valve into.

The Genius Room Thermostat can manually override the system in a number of ways now:

  1. Manually override all the zones in one go - if it is assigned to the zone called 'My House'.
  2. Manually override a single zone - if it is assigned to only a single zone.

The duration of these overrides is set in the zone that the thermostat is assigned to. For the case, if it is being assigned to 'My House' then the duration is global and is set in 'My House' not the individual zones.

If the property has the Danfoss Radiator Valves then you must also assign the Genius Room Thermostat to the 'My House'. This article explains the difference between the two valves: Radiator Valve doesn't report room temperature on the app.

In the case of the Danfoss Valves, not the Genius Valves, the temperature measured by the Genius Room Thermostat is used to determine whether the boiler should come on for each of the zones with a Danfoss Valve. If the 'My House' temperature on the app (measured from the main Room Thermostat) is below the 'Set' temperature a zone, then the boiler will switch on to make sure that the Danfoss Valve has hot water going to it.

The purpose of the 'My House' temperature is to ensure that the boiler only fires when the house is generally too cold. The main Genius Room Thermostat should, therefore, be located in the coldest room of the house. Thus, in the summer time, when the overall temperature of the house is sufficiently warm, the boiler will not fire at all.

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