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The charts are slow to load


When looking at weeks of data on the charts, or viewing data from more than 3 weeks ago, the charts are slow to load the data.


Because of data privacy and also data ownership we store all of your data on your hub and not on the cloud. Other systems store this data on the cloud for ease and speed of processing, but then it becomes a grey area as to who owns this data. Because we store it on the Genius Hub and this is on your property there is no question as to who owns this data.

Unfortunately, the hub does not have the processing power similar to our servers, so we cache the charts for the last 3-4 weeks so they load relatively quickly on the app, but data older than that will take longer to load as the hub has to retrieve and process it from its onboard database. If they are too slow to load on your mobile device then please try the web app as they sometimes load faster on the web app.    

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