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Hard Wired Actuators for Thermostatic Radiator Valve Bodies (TRV bodies)

There may be instances where hard-wired control of radiators is preferred over the use of our battery-powered Genius Radiator Valve which has a battery life of approximately 2 years.

This may be because a solution is required where no battery replacement is desirable to reduce the ongoing maintenance of the heating system.

For a completely hard-wired solution you can use the following control from Genius Hub:

  • Genius Electric Switch (ESW) - giving temperature measurement in the room (if requested with a temperature probe) and a push-button boost for a manual boost within the room (boost temperature is pre-set on the app)
  • Powered Room Thermostat (PRT) - giving temperature measurement displayed in the room and manual selection of the temperature in the form of a manual boost from within the room

These are popular with landlords that renovate properties completely and can run cabling from a local ring main or a new spur near to the radiators.

If you want to use the Sense Mode or Footprint Mode for occupancy detection, it is still possible to add the Genius Room Sensor or Genius Motion Sensor to a design, and both of these devices have a battery life of approximately 2 years. Making the service of this component easy to do as part of a routine annual check on things like the smoke alarms.

We recommend the following hard-wired Thermal Wax Actuators which will work on most Thermostatic Radiator Valve Bodies (TRV bodies)

  • Danfoss 088H3142 (TWA-K, M 30 x 1.5, 230V, NC) - Used for the UK Standard M30 style of TRV body
  • Danfoss 088H3112 (TWA-A, RA, 230V, NC) - used for the Danfoss RA style of TRV body

The 230V Normally Closed (NC) actuator can be wired directly to the ESW or the PRT. and the actuators from Danfoss are supplied with up to 10m cables if requested from Danfoss.

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