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Factory resetting a Genius Room Sensor

When to factory reset a Genius Room Sensor

You may need to reset a Genius Room Sensor if you are swapping which Genius Hub the Genius Room Sensor is included onto or if it is draining batteries more quickly than expected.

How to factory reset the Genius Room Sensor

To factory reset a Room Sensor:

  • Remove the front cover of the Genius Room Sensor by placing a tool (such as a flat-bladed screwdriver) into the top of the sensor until you hear a click. This will release the catch. Use your nails or the screwdriver to pull the white (front) of the room sensor away from the clear (back) and allow the cover to swing down (be careful not to pull the sensor off the wall). The front is hinged at the bottom.

  • Press the small switch at the top left of the circuit board 4 times within 1.5 seconds, and on the last press keep the switch pressed down.

  • The red LED will illuminate and then extinguish.

  • As soon as the LED turns off, release the button.

How to add the Genius Room Sensor to a Genius Hub

The Genius Room Sensor is now in a factory reset to default state, to add it back onto the system again go to the 'Doctor' on the app which is under the 'Main Menu'.

For more information see this article.

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