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What do the Device Channels mean?

What are device channels?

Each device has a number of channels which automatically get assigned to a zone when the device is assigned to the zone. These are the different parts of the device which the system can interact with, such as receiving the measured temperature. 

It is possible to add some channels to a zone, such as if you want to share the measured temperature of your hot water tank between your boiler heated hot water zone and your electric immersion backup zone. For more information on assigning individual channels, see the 'Adding New Devices' chapter of the User Manual.

Device channels:

  • Battery Level: The current battery level of the device. This should not be individually added to any zone.
  • Set Temperature: The schedule for the device, adding this to a zone will mean that device follows the schedule of the zone it is assigned to.
  • Output On/Off: The ability to read and switch the relay of a device, such as a Genius Smart Plug. This should not be added to more than 1 zone. 

    Doing so will cause the device to no longer be controlled by the Genius Hub accurately, possibly damage the device and void the warranty.

  • Measured Temperature: The temperature reported by the device, such as from a Wireless Room Thermostat or Wireless Room Sensor. This can be added to multiple zones, see the example in the introduction.
  • Occupancy Trigger: The occupancy detection from a Wireless Room Sensor. This should not be assigned to more than one zone as only the first zone will react to the occupancy triggers.

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