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Valve Exercise Routine - Reset time of operation

Common question: “My Valve makes a noise randomly”

The valves carry out a weekly exercise routine to stop the valve body (the metal part that the water passes through) from sticking or seizing during the summer, or periods of no operation in a zone that is mostly turned off on the app.

Some customers report that it may be done at the wrong time – such as in the middle of the night.  On Hub software after version 5.6.1 (check your hub software here), the valve is instructed to do the exercise routine at 11:00am on Thursdays.

To temporarily change this, removing and refitting the batteries will restart the valve and reset the time of the valve exercise.

Be aware that by doing this, it will also reset the valve hidden offset that may have been applied. This is a known bug and has been fixed in the software version later than 5.6.1.

Notes on changing the time of the Exercise Routine:

  • On software after version 5.6.1 the time of the exercise will be corrected to 11:00am on Thursdays and nothing can be done about this.
  • However, if you want to temporarily change the time that the valve exercises the pin, then when the batteries are removed and refitted in the valve the day and time is set to 00:00 and day 0 (this is Midnight between Saturday/Sunday). On systems running the software before 5.6.1 this new time will be held by the valve so that it will now exercise at a different time.
  • The ‘valve exercise’ is 4 days and 11 hours after the valve is restarted, therefore by removing and re-inserting the batteries (remembering to press the left or right button when the batteries are not in the valve so the valve knows the batteries have been removed) any time between 22:00 and 10:00 will cause the valve to exercise during the daytime.
    • I.e. if you reset the valve during the night then the valve exercise routine will happen during the daytime.
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