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Transferring Devices over to a new Genius Hub

Registering your Genius Hub

Your new Genius Hub will need to be registered on our website via the app.

You will need to choose a new username because we cannot have duplicate usernames on the system. We do not know your password, so this can be the same or different to your Genius Hub. For security we recommend choosing a different, secure password.

Resetting Existing Devices

Each device is linked to a single Genius Hub, to communicate with and received commands from. All of your existing devices which are being transferred need to have this link broken, and then added to the new Genius Hub. 

The easiest method, is to Factory Reset each of the devices. This can be done physically with the device and does not require either Genius Hub to be powered on or set up.

Here are the instructions on how to Factory Reset common components.

Please see here for all our devices: Factory Reset Devices

For older devices, it is slightly more difficult to remove these and we would recommend sending an email to to arrange a call to transfer these over. The new Genius Hub will need to be taken to within 2m of the following devices during the call. This applies to the following devices:

  • Single Channel Receiver
  • Dual Channel Receiver

Transferring Room Names and Schedules

The zones and schedules will need to be created on your new Genius Hub, please see: Zone Setup.

Adding Devices to your new Genius Hub

Once all devices are factory reset, you can use the Doctor to add them to the new Genius Hub, see: Adding New Devices.

During this process you will be able to assign the devices to the zones created above.

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