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Tips for using the Powered Room Thermostat

The Powered Room Thermostat will need 48 hours for the Powered Room Thermostat to auto-learn the room. If you have changed any manual settings on the Powered Room Thermostat within this time it would be wise to factory reset the device and add it back onto your Genius Hub.

How to improve temperature measurement with ventilation systems

If you have it installed so that it is flush mounted, there is often a negative pressure in some rooms and positive pressure in other rooms, especially in airtight apartments or modern buildings, and this can cause the Powered Room Thermostat to have air passing through it which is not representative of the air in the room. This air passing past the sensor can disrupt the algorithm in the thermostat which is used to calculate the air temperature in the room

Fix this by surface mounting the Powered Room Thermostat or factory resetting the Powered Room Thermostat (see below) to re-start the learning algorithm

Problems with the temperature being read as too high when not heating

The LED screen if left on for long periods of time can generate heat and this can affect the temperature that the Powered Room Thermostat experiences

Reduce the brightness of the LEDs or turn off the LEDs using this article.

To Factory Reset the Powered Room Thermostat

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