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Sockets Compatible with the PlugLock

The PlugLock (Plug Lock) is designed to be compatible with the majority of Single-Gang, Unswitched socket.

Switched sockets normally have the socket on the front be offset to allow for the switch to be added, and so this can cause the PlugLock to be 'pushed' off to one-side.

Below is a table which shows the compatibility of some of the most common sockets. The following variables have been examined:

  • Corner: How closely the socket matches the corner of the PlugLock
  • Edge: How closely the straight edges of the socket matches the edge of the PlugLock
  • Alignment: How well the screwholes match with the PlugLock, and so if there is a gap between the Smart Plug and PlugLock when installed using the pattress screws.

Schneider3050RoundSharpNear Perfect

Pro-ElecPELB1851SquareSharpNear Perfect

BG923SquareSharpSmall Gap

RoundAngledNear Perfect

KnightsbridgeSN7000USquareSharpSmall Gap

Click Mode
RoundAngledSmall Gap

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