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Port Forwarding

Steps to set up port forwarding to a Genius Hub:

  1. Find the IP address of the Genius Hub on your network
    1. Make a note of the UID of your Genius Hub (printed in blue text on the back of the Hub)
    2. Log in to your broadband router
    3. Find the section that lists 'Connected devices'
    4. Find the entry for your Genius Hub. Entries should show a 'MAC address' - the Genius Hub ID will match the last part of the MAC address

  2. Set up the port forwarding
    1. Log in to your broadband router
    2. Find the area that allows you to set up port forwarding
      1. This may also be listed as 'Port Redirection', 'Services', or similar
    3. Set the following parameters (you may need to select 'Add new entry' or similar)
      1. Public port: 1222
      2. Private Port: 1222
      3. Protocol: TCP or Both
      4. Source IP: Any (not required)
      5. Private IP: enter the IP address found in step 1

        (please note that the settings page on your router will not look exactly the same as this, the example below is purely illustrative)
    4. Save your changes

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