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Genius App & Hub Changelog


2022-10-29 Changelog v5.9.2 (android) / (5.9.4 iOS)

  • Support iOS 16  & Android 12
  • Support for new valves / smart plugs
  • Bug fixes, performance issues
  • Improvements to TSW (doctor)
  • Allow app changes to PRT settings (brightness / offset visible, others not)

2021-09-27 Changelog v5.6.1

  • Support iOS 15  & Android 11
  • Support for new firmware features 
  • Add new 'zone type' for electric heating
  • Support for new devices
  • Misc bug fixes

2020-09-15 Changelog v5.4.16

  • Frost protect temperature setting
  • Additions & improvements to doctor
  • User interface bug fixes
  • Support 5.4.0 firmware

2020/07/01 Changelog v5.3.8

  • Updates to Doctor
    • Add videos to Doctor
    • Add support for new devices

2020/02/25 Changelog v5.3.6

  • Indicate last time Hub was online on Welcome page, if Hub cannot be contacted
  • Sense mode visual bug fixes
  • Override bug fixes for On/Off Zones & My House
  • Small functional fixes

2019/07/23 Changelog v5.3.1

  • New feature: Sense mode
  • Update for latest Android SDK
  • Update for latest iOS platform

2018/05/31 Changelog - v5.2.4

  • Improved Doctor solutions

  • Fixed iOS logging out bug

  • Fixed iOS white screen bug

  • Improved error messages throughout app

  • Small visual fixes

  • Small functional fixes

2018/01/15 Changelog - v5.2.2

  • Various UI bug fixes
  • Updated connection status icon
  • Fixed iOS iPhone X issue

2017/11/01 Changelog - v5.2.0

  • Icon to show connection status
  • Improved Hub connection layer to increase robustness & speed
  • Temp hierarchy
  • Fixed some bugs with timepicker when creating schedules
  • Multi hub login

2017/06/08 Changelog - v.5.1.3

  • Added 'Call for Heat' to charts for Wet Underfloor zones
  • Fixed Timepicker bugs
  • Fixed the pending value indicator on the Devices Page
  • Stopped Hot Water temperature and Heating schedules being able to be copied to one-another
  • Fixed Sub-menus opening below bottom of page
  • Fixed navigation & scrollbars for web-browser
  • Improved ‘High Contrast’ theme
  • Fixed weather data display on menu and charts
  • Other visual bug fixes

2017/04/18 Changelog - v5.1.2

  • New password reset page
  • Fixed Timepicker bugs
  • Updated the pending value indicator on the Devices Page
  • Stopped Hot Water temperature and Heating schedules being able to be copied to one-another
  • Fixed scrolling for web-browsers
  • Fixed Sub-menus opening below bottom of page
  • Fixed navigation for web-browser
  • Improved ‘High Contrast’ theme
  • Improved 'System Restart' timer
  • Other visual bug fixes

2017/04/03 Changelog - v5.1.1

  • Added ability to sort devices on the Devices page
  • Added a warning if Hub is not registered
  • Added a warning if the set temperature is the same as the default temperature
  • Changed Override period styling on timer bars
  • Changed the name of device channels
  • Fixed the override duration not displaying the correct time remaining
  • Fixed position of time indicator on timebars
  • Fixed scrolling on some of the lists
  • Other visual bug fixes

2017/02/01 Changelog - v5.1.0

  • Added ability to override On/Off zones to Off
  • Added weather data to Charts and Main Menu (Hub version needs to be v5.0.41 or newer)
  • Added ability to re-order zones from Interface menu
  • New ‘Update Details’ process from Main Menu
  • New Themes – Dark & High Contrast - from Interface menu
  • Added new zone type ‘Temperature Hot Water’
  • When creating a new zone, the app automatically opens the new zone
  • Can click on active ‘Occupancy’ icon to show more details
  • Fixed Valve offset not showing current value
  • Added in-app changelog when app first opened
  • Can hover over a Group Zone ‘dot’ to display name
  • Added message if no devices assigned to zone
  • Fixed About page showing ‘latest version’ even if version is up-to-date
  • Fixed Issues ID not being correctly displayed
  • Fixed nav-bar disappearing on Desktop
  • Minor display fixes including icon alignment

2016/12/12 Changelog - v5.0.5

  • Added reboot button on system settings page
  • More detailed way to assign devices and functions to a zone
  • Fixed zone list not displaying first zone on desktop and tablets
  • Fixed zone order
  • Fixed scroll issue on timebars and tiles
  • Fixed footprint options not loading if no data is collected
  • Fix charts sometimes not loading on wet underfloor zones
  • Fixed bug with data consumption on some android devices

2016/12/06 Changelog - v5.0.4 

  • Added charts, found in each zone sub-menu
  • Added a new cursor to display current time
  • Added small dotted line indicators to display hours ( 6-12-18 on mobile, every hour on tablet and desktop)
  • Changed text on Linked room (follow master output description)
  • Default temperature now allows 0.5°C
  • Added titles on my house style modal
  • If you remove a dead node the ID now moves with the device
  • Added more left margin on devices description in the devices page so that id doesn't overlap the name anymore
  • On desktop, added tooltip to display channel number for dual channel receiver on the devices page
  • Changed status of the switch from (1 - 0) to (ON - OFF)
  • If zone is OFF the current time indicator color is white (better to spot)
  • Fixed select all (override, copy to another day, copy to another zone)
  • Removed the gap on iPads in the left hand room list
  • Added validation before copying (if nothing is selected, copy button is disabled)

2016/11/25 - v5.0.3

  • Added pull down to refresh on Devices page
  • Doctor is back inside a modal (not a fullscreen page)
  • Fixed multiple degree symbols being displayed
  • Changed some z-wave response text
  • Increased size of devices in the Doctor
  • New battery icon on Devices page
  • New details on Devices page 
  • Changed upper limit of activity to switch rooms on from 120 to 30 minutes
  • Removed grey background from select all and some other places in the app
  • New function to round the temperatures to make consistent across app
  • New style for issues and warnings (to mirror the devices page)
  • Slider now has to be dragged, not clicked to change value
  • Fixed update button in About page
  • Removed grey background from "You can now close the doctor" box
  • Changed device name (if no hash is found) from "Device not found" to "unknown device"
  • Changed light gray temperature colors to black across appChanged footprint "away" text


2023-12-14 Changelog v6.3.9

Note that this release mainly consists of internal improvements to the hub firmware, rather than new features

  • Backend logger bug fix

  • Improvements to logging

  • Process Monitor

  • increase hub reliability

  • Improved z-wave queue manager

  • Z-Wave metrics

  • Improved exception handling

  • Changes to prevent ttyS0 overflow

  • Re-instated CC Multi Encap

  • Support newer z-wave protocol

  • Improvements to controller functions (include / exclude / etc)

  • Fix ZB-manager startup issue

  • Support additional features on zigbee devices

  • Zigbee channel changing

2022-10-29 Changelog v6.0.16

  • Support for new valves / smart plugs
  • Bug fixes, performance issues

2021-09-27 Changelog v5.6.7

  • 'Sticky' configuration values
    • should resolve an issue whereby devices occasionally require 're-configuring' - this will automatically set any errant values that are detected
    • device 'wake up' periods should be correctly reset
    • valve 'hidden offset' values should be correctly maintained
    • NB that the value check is done once every 24 hours
  • Valve self test times aligned for Thursday morning
  • Manual override temperature limiting
    • Allows a maximum temperature limit to be set for overrides triggered from a device
  • Support for new devices
  • Misc bug fixes

2020-09-15 Changelog v5.4.16

  • Improved radio messaging for better battery life
  • Bug fixes for improved Hub reliability
  • Support for future hardware

2020/07/01 Changelog 5.3.8

  • Add support for new devices

2020/02/25 Changelog 5.3.6

  • New feature: Support Amazon Alexa
  • Small functional fixes

2019/09/24 Changelog 5.3.5

  • Bug fixes
    • Chart not showing up to latest time
    • Token generation error message

2019/07/23 Changelog 5.3.2 

  • New feature: Sense mode
  • Refactor 3rd party libraries
  • Bug fixes
    • Electric switch losing temperature
    • Fix my-house override bug
    • Remove dead node
    • Correct Listening device communication frequency
    • Fixed deadlock issues

2018/12/20 Changelog 5.2.10

  • Enable public API (
  • Bug fixes
    • Electric switch losing temperature
    • Devices becoming 'unrecognised'

2018/07/11 Changelog 5.2.4

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Changes to support improvements to 'Doctor' in app

2018/01/15 Changelog 5.2.2

  • Delete zone, turning off other zones bug fixed
  • Manual temperature device selection bug fixed
  • Pre-heat 'midnight' bug fixed

2017/11/01 Changelog 5.2.0

  • General bug fixes and improvements, support new device versions, optimize device configurations
  • Improvements to z-wave network driver
  • Temperature hierarchy

2017/05/24 Changelog 5.1.1

  • Various refactors
  • Bugfix for wizard device inclusion
  • Prevent spurious temperature readings
  • Updated device configurations
  • Weather data format
  • Set heat enabled flag for group zones
  • Fix send FO for Irish HW
  • Improvements to battery life for WRT-C
  • API v3
  • Optimize data transfer to App
  • Ping all listening devices on interval

2017/03/30 Changelog 5.1.0

  • New hub update service for future updates
  • Fix bug with linked TPI zones
  • Stats reporting
  • DB tidy function added
  • Bug fix: linked rooms OnOffTimer boosting
  • Backup DB schema
  • Add zone sub type
  • Tidy up device mappings when zone deleted
  • Unlink children when zone deleted

  • Improve spurious override prevention

  • Fix pre-heat DST issue

2016/12/14 Changelog 5.0.43 (HUB-B)

  • Negative valve offset HUB-B fixed
  • Listening device multi cmd / wakeup bug fix

2016/12/12 Changelog - v5.0.42 (HUB-B) / v5.0.40 (HUB-C)

  • Fix weather data issue
  • Fix WRS-A config issue
  • Fix Valve temperature offset
  • Add HUB-C backup script
  • Fix Whole House boosting issue from Thermostat
  • Fix rebooting issue on Warmup calc timeout
  • Fix 'requested state' not updating issue
  • Fix Underfloor Room Offset

2016/11/21 Changelog - v5.0.39

  • Updated z-wave driver
  • 'Two way' control - manual override from devices
  • Integration for updated app
  • New devices supported: Genius Valve, Genius Thermostat
  • Valve temperature offset added (some bugs known with this feature)

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