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Factory resetting the Wireless Room Thermostat

When to factory reset a Wireless Room Thermostat

You may need to reset a Wireless Room Thermostat if you are swapping which Genius Hub the Wireless Room Thermostat is included onto or if it has stopped communicating with the Genius Hub and re-including it does not work.

How to factory reset the Wireless Room Thermostat

To factory reset a Wireless Room Thermostat:

  • Remove the Wireless Room Thermostat from the wall by loosening the 2 screws on the underside of the Wireless Room Thermostat. This requires a flat balded screwdriver.

  • On the back of the Wireless Room Thermostat behind the wall mounting plate, there is a row of 8 white DIP switches.

    • Put switch 1 (the left most switch), to the UP (on) position.

  • Turn over the Wireless Room Thermostat and rotate the dial on the front of the Wireless Room Thermostat, until 'P' is displayed on the LCD screen.

  • Press the dial twice in succession.

  • The LCD screen will read 'PP'.

How to add the Wireless Room Thermostat to a Genius Hub

The Wireless Room Thermostat is now in a factory reset to default state, to add it back onto the system again go to the 'Doctor' on the app which is under the 'Main Menu'.

For more information see this article.


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