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Controlling radiators without Genius Radiator Valves

How uncontrolled radiators heat

If a radiator does not have a Genius Radiator Valve on it and if left with a manual valve or a TRV (Thermostatic Radiator Valve) then it will come on whenever the boiler runs.

The Genius Radiator Valves allow you to set times of the day when you want a radiator to be on and off, but it is important to think about how they turn the radiators off as well as on. This sounds like the opposite logic, but if you only control one radiator on a heating circuit with a Genius Radiator Valve, then each time that radiator calls for heat the whole heating circuit will become hot and the controlled radiator will control to the temperature you set, but all of the other uncontrolled radiators (where you leave the existing valves) on the same heating circuit will also turn on unless you have manually turned them off. 

Heating only the uncontrolled radiators

When you want to control the boiler and bring that on, but do not want any of the rooms that have the Genius Radiator Valves to come on, you need to create a new zone on the app and we usually suggest calling this 'Rest of House'. You can use this new 'Rest of House' zone to control the other rooms in your house that do not have the Genius Radiator Valves and this zone will control to the temperature in My House.

If you were to schedule 'Rest of House' to come on on its own (and none of the other zones on the app are calling for heat), the boiler will come on, all of the Genius Radiator Valves in the home will stay turned off, meaning that the only radiators that will warm up are those that you are not controlling with the Genius Radiator Valves.

Step-by-step guide:

  1. Go to the My House page (click the 'home' icon at the top left of the app).
  2. Click on the My House sub-menu (the ••• on the top right of the screen), then 'Create New Zone'.
  3. Type in the name 'Rest of house'. Leave it as 'Radiator Control' and then click on 'Create'.
  4. Go back to the 'Home' screen by clicking on the home icon in the top left of the app. You will now have a new room at the bottom of the list where you can set up timers for the uncontrolled radiators.

    The uncontrolled radiators will continue to heat whenever the Genius Radiator Valves call for heat, this schedule is to bring them on without a controlled radiator also requesting heat.


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