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Can the system be used in mainland Europe?

Yes, but we've not officially launched the system on the continent yet, so there's a few things to bear in mind:

  • Some heating systems may be different from UK standards. Be sure to complete the compatibility questions when ordering your system, and give us a call if there's anything that you're not sure about.
  • If you live in mainland Europe or a country with 230v electricity supply the Genius Hub will work but you will need to get some UK plug adapters for the Smart Plugs that we ship as standard with the system.
  • You will need to install the system yourself, or find a suitable installer to do it for you. Note that we're only able to offer technical assistance in English, so consider this when choosing an installer.
  • The Genius Hub App is only available in most EU countries currently, and available in English.
  • The Genius Hub is fixed to the UK time-zone. As such all schedules have to be programmed to UK time.

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