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Can I control my wet Underfloor Heating?

The Genius Hub can control wet underfloor heating (UFH), and there are two main types of underfloor heating.

Single Zone of wet Underfloor Heating

If you have a single zone of underfloor then you do not have an 'underfloor heating wiring centre' (this can be identified as a box that is wired into your existing room thermostats and the valve actuators which are on the underfloor heating manifold, the metal part that the water flows through). When designing your system using the 'Create Your System' process, select that you have a 'Wet Underfloor' type zone, and ensure that you do not change the Electric Switch as this will control the manifold pump/zone valve.

Multiple Zones of wet Underfloor Heating

If you have multiple zones of underfloor heating then you will have a 'underfloor heating wiring centre'. There are two main types of these wiring centres, 230V and 24V. You will need to check the compatibility of the wiring centre before the system is installed, you can do this here, and we have most of the common types listed. If you have a 230V wiring centre, during the Create Your System, add one 'Wet Underfloor' room per room you want to control and one 'Electric Switch’ or Powered Room Thermostat will be added to your order for every room. If you have a 24V wiring centre, change the Electric Switch to a Electric Relay or Single Channel Receiver for each room.

When the underfloor wiring centre was installed, a cable should have been installed from the underfloor heating wiring centre to the relevant boiler/zone valve to ensure that the system automatically calls for heat. If this was not installed, you should add a 'Group' zone so we can switch the heat source on for the Underfloor Heating

We recommend the Underfloor Wiring Centre on our shop if you do not currently have one, or your current one is not compatible. We are also compatible with the Heatmiser UH2 or UH4. There is also compatibility checker here if you would like to check the compatibility of any other underfloor heating wiring centres.     

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