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4. Off Mode

Off mode is to be used when you do not want the zone to heat up for a length of time, such as over the Summer or if you are going on holiday. 


Off mode works slightly differently, depending on what type of zone is being controlled:

  • Heating: Radiator or Underfloor zones in Off mode will not call for heat unless the measured temperature drops below 4°C. This is explained in the on-screen message when you enter Off mode.
    • The 4°C is customisable, and can be changed from the Zone Setup page.
  • On/off type: The zone will stay turned off, and not try to heat unless changed into timer/override mode.

When you swap to off mode, your Timer mode schedules will be kept saved in the background for when you swap back to this mode at a later date.

Zones in Off mode will not be overridden if the My House thermostat is adjusted.

Turning all zones off

If you want to turn off all of your heating zones at the same time, for example if you are going on holiday, rather than having to turn off each zone you can click the Off button on the My House page. 

Overriding Off Zones

If a room has been put into Off Mode from the My House page, when a device in that room is used to override the zone then that room will boost, and when the override expires it will not turn off it will go back into the mode it was in before it was turned off from the My House page. This is different to when a room into 'off mode' by putting an individual zone into Off Mode and then overridden as it will boost and when the override expires it will turn back off.

The reason for this difference is:

If you want the rooms to turn off now, but if a guest/tenant starts using a room, you want it to automatically revert into Timer or Footprint mode (as it was before), you should use the off button on the My House page.
If you want the rooms to stay turned off even after a guest boost the room then turn it off in the zone

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